Skilled Trades Union Member Volunteers
Skilled trades union members can donate their time and skills to help make necessary electrical, plumbing, carpentry and other crucial repairs in the sponsored homes for National Rebuilding Day. Skilled labor union volunteers provide repairs geared toward making homes "warm, safe and dry."

Volunteer House Captains
Volunteer house captains plan and coordinate repair projects completed on National Rebuilding Day. House captains oversee all of the technical aspects of the project, direct the volunteers in completing the work, and coordinate with skilled trades' union member volunteers to ensure a successful project. 

Associate Board
Associate Board members support the mission of Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago through community outreach, fundraising, networking, and volunteering in various capacities. The Associate Board is led by a leadership team (President, Vice President, Secretary) with staff support. Associate Board members participate in a number of events and projects throughout the year, and host the annual Battle of the Bands fundraiser.

Committee Membership
There are several committees in which volunteers can participate and lend their time, talent and expertise. We welcome responsible volunteers who are willing and able to volunteer during projects and special events in various capacities.